Our Mission

The company was founded in 1967 and has its headquarters near the city of Udine, approximately 120 km from Venice.

The company’s mission is to provide the safest and most reliable plants for dangerous chemical synthesis, operated via minimal workforce, upkeeping consistency of production throughout prolonged periods of time.

The company’s vision is of a work environment in which maximization of the workforce’s safety is achieved by implementation of high degrees of automation, and minimization of environmental impact is obtained via state-of-the-art engineering solutions.


Our company has its own
technology for:

DMP Plants are designed to produce Bulk and/or Cartridged Emulsion, with chemical or physical sensitizing and possibility of solids addition.
Typical EMX range production spaces from Heavy AN-FO to permissible EMX.

DMP design comprises both Batch Plants (HMX, RDX Type II) and Continuous plants (RDX Type I, PETN).
The complete set of synthesis, stabilization and crystallization processes may be covered, tailoring the plant to produce the desired crystals shapes and grains distribution.

DMP’s Continuous nitration plants implement an innovative solution which aggregates the static and dynamic separation’s highlights in a unique innovative system, which grants remarkable product’s stability and maximizes safety through absence of moving parts.
Typical Nitro-glycerine transportation issues are also minimized by a recycled water injector system.
The plants may also be tailored to produce various types of nitro-esters on demand.

DMP manufactures complete plant and equipment for Single, Double and Multi Base Propellant Plants.
All phases of production are covered, from mixing, kneading and extrusion to blending and surface coating.

DMP automated plants are custom designed to the specific requirement of the shells to be processed.
The hot water jet unloading allows the separate recovery of product (TNT or compositions) and metallic parts.
The recovered product may be further processed to obtain specific shapes (i.e. flakes, biscuits, drops)

Complete Detonating Cord manufacturing facilities are sized to accommodate the Buyer’s demand.
All process section may be covered from PETN Drying to Cord Spinning, PVC Coating and Rewinding.
Types of cord manufactured can accommodate a varying yarn numbers and layers.

Aside from supplying  traditional black powder manufacturing equipment and machines for each process step (i.e. Ternary mixing, Pressing , Graining and Glazing), DMP has also developed a solution which uses integrated pre-fabricated containerized structures for allocation of the equipment.


  • Feasibility Studies, Consulting Services and Know-How Transfer
  • Custom Design and Engineering of Plant and Equipment
  • Turn-key Project Management
  • Equipment Manufacturing


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